Goals and origins of ECLAS

The European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools exists to foster and develop scholarship in landscape architecture throughout Europe by strengthening contacts and enriching the dialogue between members of Europe’s landscape academic community and by representing the interests of this community within the wider European social and institutional context. In pursuit of this goal the European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools seeks to build upon the Continent’s rich landscape heritage and intellectual traditions to:

  • Further and facilitate the exchange of information, experience and ideas within the discipline of landscape architecture at the European level, stimulating discussion and encouraging co-operation between Europe’s landscape architecture schools through, amongst other means, the promotion of regular international meetings, in particular an annual conference;
  • Foster and develop the highest standards of landscape architecture education in Europe by, amongst other things, providing advice and acting as a forum for sharing experience on course and curriculum development, and supporting collaborative developments in teaching;
  • Promote interaction between academics and researchers within the discipline of landscape architecture, thereby furthering the development of a Europe-wide landscape academic community, through, amongst other things, the development of common research agendas and the establishment of collaborative research projects;
  • Represent the interests of scholarship in landscape architecture within Europe’s higher education system, encourage interdisciplinary awareness and enhance public understanding of the discipline;
  • Stimulate dialogue with European landscape architectural practice and with other international organisations furthering landscape scholarship.
  • European collaboration within the discipline of landscape architecture began with an informal meeting of European landscape schools in Berlin in 1989, and the subsequent establishment of ECLAS – the “European Conference of Landscape Architecture Schools” in 1991. Since then conferences have been held annually, each hosted by a different landscape architecture school.
ECLAS Conference 2019, NMBU, Norway