ECLAS Education Guide & Common Training Framework

With the aim to assure high educational qualities, and to build stronger or new programmes, a guidance document for landscape architecture education has been proposed in 2010 as a result of the LE:NOTRE thematic network projects and the tuning process. 

The current document describes knowledge, skills and competences that are specific to landscape architecture. By providing points of reference, convergence and common understanding this guidance also serves as a possible framework of reference for programme accreditation and professional recognition. Within this framework, individual schools typically develop specific profiles.

Furthermore, the EU LAND 21 project has been working from 2017-2019 on a European framework for bachelor programmes in landscape architecture, which has resulted in new valuable knowledge complementing the ECLAS Education Guide. In 2023, we further developed the Common Training Framework for Landscape Architecture.

ECLAS Education Guide and Module Descriptions for Bachelor Programmes

Common Training Framework for Landscape Architecture

The Common Training Framework for Landscape Architecture has been developed by means of the InnoLAND ERASMUS Project. The Common Training Framework A Common Training Framework (CTF) defines knowledge, skills, and competences necessary for the pursuit of a specific profession, defining what a person is able to know, understand and do. ECLAS and IFLA Europe have cooperated for developing this framework.

Download the Common Training Framework Documents

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