ECLAS Awards 2023

The award ceremony 2023 was held in Lednice Chateau as part of the ECLAS Conference organised by Mendel University in Brno. Thanks to the wonderful ambiance and organisation, it was really wonderful.

Our awardees 2023:

ECLAS Lifetime Achievement Award 2023: Ivar Otruba (Mendel University in Brno, Czech Republic):

The award is dedicated to the late Professor Ivan Otruba, an influential figure in landscape architecture in Czechia and Europe. His extensive body of project work, including contributions to European landscape architecture, showcases his remarkable impact on the field. Professor Otruba played a pivotal role in establishing landscape architecture as a recognized profession in the Czech Republic through his dedication to teaching, scholarship, and service. Despite facing turbulent times in his career, he persevered for nearly 50 years, leaving a lasting mark on Czech landscape architecture in education, research, publishing, and professional practice. The nomination received widespread support from influential figures in the Czech landscape architecture community, with endorsements from various institutions. Notably, the timing of the award coincides with the ECLAS conference to be held in Brno, adding significance to the recognition of Professor Ivan Otruba’s invaluable contributions.

ECLAS 2023 Outstanding Bachelor Student Award: Jóna Guðrún (Agricultural University of Iceland):

Jóna is a deserving award candidate with notable leadership in student organizations, community service projects, and initiatives, acknowledged by awards from the Planning Association of Iceland and the Association of Icelandic Landscape Architects. Her work as an Accessibility Representative in Borgarbyggð reflects her commitment to public access and sustainability, demonstrated through projects like the Port of Grundarfjörður landing quayside and Skorradalsvatn floating dock walkway. Her Bachelor thesis on solar shading and urban planning in Reykjavík, Copenhagen, New York, and Toronto further exemplifies her research and environmental understanding. Jóna’s creative portfolio, encompassing diverse skills, draws acclaim, with multiple prize-winning projects enhancing her candidacy for the outstanding bachelor student award.

Outstanding Master Student Award: Eloise Mercer (Edinburgh College of Art)

Eloise Mercer is an exceptional candidate for the award, evident from her outstanding portfolio, particularly her exploration of the Vatnajökull Glacier as a post-glacial landscape with botanical gardens. Her work delves into future ecologies and adaptable landscape inhabitation, showcasing creativity and imaginative graphics. Additionally, Eloise’s biographical sketch reflects her philosophical design approach and experience as a market gardener and farm assistant with a focus on regenerative practices. Her upcoming publication on the myth of the mountain as a ‘wilderness’ landscape further exemplifies her potential to inspire other students to publish their works. Combining knowledge from her landscape architecture and previous education, Eloise displays sensitivity to environmental issues and tackles complex challenges with a long-term perspective. Her artistic background enhances her creativity, making her a remarkable candidate for the outstanding master student award.

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