ECLAS invites candidates for the upcoming elections. Open positions: president, vice-president and regular committee members

ECLAS is a healthy and mature organization with a great academic community at its core. Shaping its development is a formative and enriching activity. You can be part of this.

The ECLAS Executive Committee will be re-elected at the upcoming General Assembly on Tuesday, September 10, 2024, at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) in Brussels.

We invite all ECLAS member schools to nominate possible candidates for the following positions and for the election period 2024-2027:

  • ECLAS President
  • ECLAS Vice-president
  • Regular member of the ECLAS Executive Committee

Candidates need to have an active institutional affiliation to an ECLAS member school.

The proposal for the candidate needs to be signed by two members of two different ECLAS member schools.

Please download the nomination form.

Nominations must be received until June 30,2024.

Please send your completed forms with all signature in PDF format to the ECLAS General Secretary: Frederico Meireles Rodrigues:

Note: All positions on the ECLAS Executive Board including the president are unpaid.

The European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools exists to foster and develop scholarship in landscape architecture throughout Europe by strengthening contacts and enriching the dialogue between members of Europe’s landscape academic community and by representing the interests of this community within the wider European social and institutional context.

The ECLAS president and the ECLAS Executive Committee represent about 100 higher education institutions in Europe plus some non-European members.

The committee oversees the development of the annual ECLAS conference, the progress of JoLA, the Journal of Landscape Architecture, the collaboration with the LE:NOTRE Institute and cooperates actively with IFLA-Europe, IFLA-World, UNISCAPE and the Council of Europe.

Important themes for the upcoming election period are:

  • Promotion and further development of the European Common Training Framework for Landscape Architecture, in cooperation with IFLA-Europe
  • Updating the ECLAS Education Guide and expanding it to the third cycle
  • Supporting doctoral students in Europe through transnational PhD colloquia and further measures
  • Advancing European book projects in landscape architecture
  • Further developing the ECLAS Conference
  • Supporting the work of the LE:NOTRE Institute, in particular the annual Landscape Forum and the educational programme of the Open Landscape Academy
  • Fostering international cooperation of landscape architecture educators in liaison with IFLA World and the Global Studio Project.

In addition, the committee can set additional topics and priorities over this period.

Regenerative Landscapes - Designing the Transition
ECLAS Conference 2024 - Conference registration is open now Regenerative Landscapes - Designing the Transition Hosted at ULB in Brussels from September 7 - 10, 2024