In memory of Egil Gabrielsen (1933-1999)

by Professor emeritus dr.h.c dr. scient Olav R. Skage, NMBU Norway

Professor Egil Gabrielsen, NMBU Norway, 1933 – 1999

My first remembrance of Egil Gabrielsen is dated to the 20th of August, 1956, the day we were enrolled as students of the landscape architecture programme at this school. Gabriel, as we named him,  ecame an important part in the landscape class that graduated in the spring of 1959.

After graduation, Gabriel spent a few years as successful practising landscape architect in Oslo, before he returned to his Alma Mater in 1964. After 5 years of preparation, he was appointed full professor in landscape architecture, a position which he held for 30 years.

The teaching of landscape classes became his major occupation. In his teaching, he brought in projects from real life. Over the years, he developed strong ties to practitioners in many fields, to authorities in charge of policy for housing, parks and recreation and he took active part in introducing landscape architecture into the construction of new roads and hydroelectric power plants.

His engagement in professional organisations was concentrated to the Norwegian, and, to some extent, to the Nordic scene. He was an important actor in the preparation of the ECLAS organisation by safeguarding that the organisation took into account the landscape schools in countries outside the EU.

The memory of Gabriel is dear to us who were involved in his life’s work.

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