JoLA double issue: Water-Soil-Air-Fire

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The white ribbon:
Mediating erosion and modulating overwash
on a Lake Michigan Beach ridge plain
Brian Davis, Theresa Ruswick, Sean Burkholder

The hydro-cultural dimension in Water-Sensitive
Urban Design for Kozhikode, India
Geert J.M. van der Meulen, Taneha Kuzniecow Bacchin, Machiel J. van Dorst

Built to last:
Re-engaging indigenous infrastructure
in China’s rural development
Ying Zeng, Chenhao Zhu, Boqian Xu, Zhongjie Lin

Matters of soil:
Mediterranean islands as a lens into the substances,

issues and significance of the world under our feet
Pablo Pérez-Ramos, Stefania Staniscia

The history of the future of a new town:
Milton Keynes, the ‘Forest City’
Paul Cureton


The gift thats keeps on giving:
Reflections on Forest City
Lee Shostak

Under the sky

Gardening to appropriate the streetscape:
The example of Bordeaux’s garden street
Aurélien Ramos

Floriade 2022:
The garden show as debatable event,
yet a catalyst for the future of cities
Noel van Dooren

Thinking eye

The divine in mass graves:
Transient Lithospheres above Mexican femicide

Helen Blejerman

Chromatic landscapes of Greenland
Marc R. Eischeid

Book reviews

Von Gärten und Menschen:
Gestaltete Natur, Kunst und Landschaftsarchitektur

Lilli Lička and Christian Maryška (eds.)

250 Things A Landscape Architect Should Know
B. Cannon Ivers (ed.)

Urban Agri-Cultural Heritage
Frank Lohrberg, Katharina Christenn, Axel Timpe and Ayça Sancar (eds.)

Alpine Industrial Landscapes:
Towards a New Approach for Brownfield Transformation

in Mountain Regions
Marcello Modica

Regenerative Landscapes - Designing the Transition
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