Landscape Fieldwork Call for Book Contributions

The initial encounter between the landscape designer and the landscape to be designed determines the course of the entire design process. Mastering approaches to this encounter therefore precedes every other design skill.


Fieldwork in Landscape Architecture: Methods Actions Tools, written by Thomas Oles and Paula Horrigan and forthcoming from Routledge in 2019, will equip students of landscape architecture and related environmental design disciplines with the conceptual and practical tools they need to gain this mastery. It will find an immediate audience among students and instructors of landscape architecture, where it has no direct equivalent. It will also attract many non-specialist readers with an interest in landscape, design, and the creative process.


This call seeks contributions from landscape architecture and environmental design educators, practitioners, and students, as well as from other disciplines with fieldwork traditions (geography, anthropology, the natural sciences). People who work at the intersection of disciplines, or who mix professional and academic practice, are especially encouraged to propose contributions.


The submission deadline is 31 March 2017.

For complete information on the submission process, as well as further information about the book, please visit Forum on Fieldwork.


Questions may be directed to:


Paula Horrigan

Professor Emerita of Landscape Architecture

Cornell University


Thomas Oles

Professor of Landscape Architecture

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences


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