Senior lecturer in Landscape Architecture especially sustainable urbanization

Senior lecturer in Landscape Architecture especially sustainable urbanization
Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and Crop Production Science
Department of Urban and Rural Development
The Department of Urban and Rural Development pursue education, research and external collaboration in Agrarian history, Environmental communication, Landscape architecture and Rural development. Read more at: Education and research at the Division of Landscape Architecture covers the whole field of landscape architecture i.e. planning, management and landscape design.

Subject area
The subject area for the position is landscape architecture, with a specialization in sustainable urbanisation. The position is placed in the interdisciplinary group ”spatial planning”. The focus of the position is the role and the possibilities of landscape planning as a contributor to sustainable urban development.
Within the subject area the senior lecturer is expected to:
• contribute to developing and strengthening the research area, from bachelor level to research education, publish research articles, apply for research funding, and take an active part in the administrative management of the department.
The successful candidate shall have:
• a PhD degree in landscape architecture, landscape planning, spatial planning, urban studies, human geography or a corresponding subject area of relevance for the position,
• demonstrate a theoretical depth within her/his research, or relevance for the subject
• have demonstrated pedagogical skills in teaching at undergraduate and master level as well as supervision of students
• completed training in teaching in higher education corresponding to about 10 weeks of studies, or have acquired the corresponding knowledge in some other way
• substantial experience of planning oriented research with a focus on sustainable urbanisation or sustainable urban landscapes
• published in journals relevant for the subject area of the positiongood knowledge in written and spoken English.
Assessment criteria:
Assessment criteria for appointment will primarily be based on the degree to which the applicant possesses the required qualifications specified for the position. Equal attention will be paid to the assessment of teaching proficiency and the assessment of academic skills.
The assessment of important scientific skills will consider:
• the applicant’s ability to develop the research in the subject area of the position, in cooperation with planning oriented researchers at the division
• experiences of planning oriented research , either with a theoretical focus on sustainability transitions of the urban environment, or with a focus on the importance of the landscape for a (primarily socially and ecologically) sustainable city
• ability to attract external research grants and to publish in leading international peer-reviewed journals or books within the subject area
The assessment of pedagogic skills will consider:
• experience of course development, planning, conducting and evaluating teaching in relevant courses for the subject area of the position
• ability to integrate research and a scientific approach in teaching
Moreover, regard shall be paid to
• a strong collaborative network of value for the division’s research and teaching
• knowledge of Swedish or other Scandinavian urban and landscape planning
• good communication and collaboration ability in research and teaching.
Final date of application:
Place of work:
Form of employment:
Permanent employment
Starting date:
According to agreement
Use the document Application guidelines for appointment as professor, senior lecturer or associate senior lecturer at SLU as guide when you fill in your application.
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