TAW 2018 International Scientific Conference]


|Co-habitation Tactics|Imagining future spaces in architecture, city, & landscape

20-23 September, 2018 I Tirana, Albania

The International Scientific Conference aims at exploring contemporary research activities and design tactics that deal with the topic of co-habitation from different perspectives and within different fields of interest, directly or indirectly related to architecture, city, and landscape. Through the observation of different tactics adopted by researchers and professionals, the hope is to identify new research and design trajectories. Within this broader framework, three contexts (architecture, city, and landscape) and eight topics related to the concept of co-habitation (climate change, ecosystem, energy transitions, memory, migration, mobility, technology, and tourism) have been identified. Contributes from the fields of sociology, architecture, urbanism, planning, leisure and cultural studies, geography, anthropology are welcome. Each participant is free to associate one of the main contexts to one of the eight topics, exploring tactics that address the concept of co-habitation.

Venue Universiteti POLIS | Tirana | Albania

Email: conference@tiranaarchitectureweek.com

Web: tiranaarchitectureweek.com/conference.html

Tel: +355 693329675


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