ICON LA International Conference


The three pillars of landscape architecture: Design, planning and management. New visions


7 June ‐9 June 2017


St. Petersburg (Russia)



This international scientific conference in landscape architecture in St. Petersburg, Russia

is dedicated to the three main “pillars” of landscape architecture (design, planning and management).  We call upon landscape architects, city authorities, other appropriate stakeholders and researchers to share their visions and innovative approaches in landscape architecture.


This conference will mark a jubilee. Ten years ago, in 2007, St. Petersburg hosted international landscape architecture delegates for the first time, to share ideas about globalisation.

Landscape architecture has leaped forward in the past decade and now it is time to share our wisdom again and to discuss how we can make our landscapes better in a time of great challenges.


St. Petersburg is famous for its historic landscapes and its novel solutions for neighbourhoods and post-industrial landscapes.  The suggested format for this year’s conference will include a half day of presentations and a half day of technical excursions.


In 2017, the Botanic Garden of St. Petersburg State Forest Technical University will celebrate its 190th anniversary and a special session dedicated to this jubilee will be held at the university.


This year, international and local PhD and Master’s students will have a unique opportunity to share the results of their projects and studies in a special session.


This year’s conference is FREE of CHARGE to all participants.


There will be three subthemes, reflecting the three pillars:


·         Landscape design: Searching for innovative solutions in a time of great challenges

·         Landscape planning: New visions

·         Management and maintenance in landscape architecture: New technologies and solutions


Time and Place: 7-9 June 2016, St. Petersburg



Preliminary Programme (final programme will be set in April 2016)


7 JuneMorning: Opening ceremony and conference presentations

Afternoon: Technical excursions


8 June: Morning: Conference presentations

Afternoon: Technical excursions

Evening: Gala dinner


9 June: Technical excursions in St. Petersburg



Organising Committee:

Russian Federation

Administration of St. Petersburg

Larisa Kanunnikova

St. Petersburg Forest Technical University

Faculty of Landscape Architecture

Irina Melnichuk

Alexandr Krukovsky

Victor Smertin

Julia Sevrugova


Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Maria Ignatieva

Tuula Eriksson

Per Berg


Postal mailing address and telephone:

Institutski Pereulok, 5 FTA

194021, St. Petersburg, Russia

Tel. +7-812-550-02-53, Fax: +7-812-550-08-15




If you have a general enquiry (accommodation, visa, venue etc.), please send an email to:

If you wish to submit an abstract, please send it by email to:

Call for Abstracts

Participants are invited to submit abstracts related to the subthemes listed above.

Preparation of Abstracts

Abstracts are required for all presentations, including posters.

The abstract should comprise three parts: Title, Authors (including name of organisation, mailing address and email address) and Abstract (maximum 500 words), all Times New Roman, 12 pt and left margin adjusted.

The due date for abstracts is 20 February 2016.

Conference proceedings based on abstracts (which will go through a double-blind peer-review process) will be published in English and Russian at the time of the conference. There will be also an option to submit full articles in English (which will also go through a double blind peer-review process) for publication in conference proceedings.

Excursions and cultural programme:

Visits to historic, industrial and natural landscapes will form part of the technical tours within the conference. Optional pre-conference sightseeing tours in St. Petersburg (e.g. the Hermitage and Russian Museum, other Museums, historic parks of St. Petersburg and the famous palace-park complexes of Peterhof, Tsarskoye Selo, Pavlovsk, Oranienbaum and Gatchina) will also be available.

Call for papers:


The Advanced Landscape and Urbanism Research Group at the Department of Architecture and Landscape, University of Greenwich, invites the submission of abstracts for the ECLAS (European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools) conference Creation / Reaction


Landscapes are in every way embedded in creative processes, from design to their making, from planning to their management, engaging different and often disparate community expectations. Of course the endlessly creative natural processes, from geology, to plants, to ecology and so on provide the prime matter with which the landscape professions are concerned. Creation almost always provokes a responsive reaction, sometimes as an opposing natural force or process, and often a human response ranging from approval and celebration to extremes of disgust and opposition. Creation can result in transformation as well as revolution – for better or for worse. The processes of transformation and revolution in design are an inherent part of the creative process, and it is often the moments of conflict or tension that can be the most creative. These catalysts may be found in creation and reactions across all practices in landscape, and thus we encourage participants to explore these active and often difficult situations they find in the course of their work.


Submission of abstracts:


We invite abstracts for oral paper presentations. Contributions are welcome under any of the above themes. We encourage those specifically dealing with areas of conflict or tension in landscape processes. We welcome submissions across the range of research, education, and practice in landscape architecture, planning, management, science, and all associated fields. Topics that may be addressed in the conference include, but are not limited to: creative destruction/revolution, consultation and co-creation, landscape democracy, planting and ecological processes, remediation, reclamation, amelioration and restoration, collaboration and community engagement, urban development and gentrification, natural disasters, war relief and rebuilding, materials and waste.


The deadline for submission of abstracts is Monday 6 March 2017 (5:00pm Greenwich Mean Time).




Outline Programme of the Conference:


The outline conference programme from 10 – 13 September is as follows:


  • Sunday 10 September: Doctoral Colloquium
  • Monday 11 September : 1st day main conference programme with keynote talks and oral papers
  • Tuesday 12 September : 2nd day main conference programme with keynote talks and oral papers
  • Wednesday 13 September : Field trips


For any queries please write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

University of Greenwich












Department of Urban and Rural Development

SLU, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Uppsala, Sweden


1 PhD student in the research education subject: Landscape Architecture




Landscape Architecture Design Theory


The subject area includes research and teaching on the design process and its outcomes within the field of landscape architecture. The successful candidate will be expected to develop a qualitative and/or quantitative research agenda on the processes and products of landscape design education. This research may focus on the SLU landscape architecture programs but its ultimate aim should be international comparison across design disciplines.


The successful candidate will be expected to contribute actively to strengthening the research and teaching environment at the Division of Landscape Architecture, and to shaping the development of ‘design theory’ as a distinct subject area. This will include:


   • developing a long-term research project in the subject area, in collaboration with the subject area leader;

   • disseminating the results of this research through publishing and conference participation in Sweden and abroad;

   • contributing to teaching in the landscape architecture program;

   • collaborating with researchers, teachers, and students both within and beyond SLU.



Required qualifications:


   • Master level degree in landscape architecture or other environmental design discipline

   • Proficiency in English



Desirable qualifications:


   • Experience in design teaching in landscape architecture or other environmental design discipline

   • Proficiency in Swedish or other Scandinavian language


SLU is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


A person has basic eligibility for third level education if he or she has taken a second level qualification or has completed course requirements of at least 240 higher education credits, including at least 60 higher education credits at second level.


Selection among applicants meeting the requirements is made with reference to written application including curriculum vitae, copies of degrees and transcripts of academic records, one copy of the dissertation for masters or undergraduate degree, a list of at least two references familiar with the applicant's qualifications, certified knowledge of the English language and an interview.


Read more about the PhD education in the Handbook for postgraduate students


Read about the PhD education at SLU at www.slu.se/en/education/programmes-courses/postgraduate-studies/


Apply using this APPLICATION FORM


Attach to application:


   • CV listing relevant education, experience, and publications

   • Statement of purpose outlining your interest in the position (in English)

   • Names and contact information of two (2) academic and/or professional references



Further information:


Professor Thomas Oles, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +46(0)18672664

Bruno Santesson, Head of Division +46(0)18672519



Academic union representatives:


SACO Saco-S föreningen SLU +46 (0)18 67 10 85 SEKO Linda Thörnström +46 (0)18 67 10 57

ST Lotta Olsson +46 (0)18 67 15 36


Applications, marked with ref no SLU ua 4751/2016, must have arrived at the Registrar of SLU, P.O. Box 7070, S- 750 07 Uppsala or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. no later than 2017-02-03.



Forms for funding or employment


Employment as PhD student 4 years







The newest issue of the Journal of Landscape Architecture demonstrates the diversity and rigor of the discipline.


In this issue, Elissa Rosenberg demonstrates the key role of landscape in the emergence of comprehensive planning principles in her thoughtful examination of the Baltimore stream valley parks and their relationship to William Gilpin’s notion of walking.  Researchers in Belgium explore the implications of climate change in the highly urbanized region of Campine through both research and design propositions to address drought. And, the collaboration of landscape architect Bas Smets with French artist Phillippe Parreno is the basis of an exploration of the relation between landscape and cinema.


In Under the Sky, the section on scholarly critique, Saskia de Wit juxtaposes the experience of the French motorway with the intense sensory landscape of Garden of Birds, designed by Bernard Lassus in 1998.


Thinking Eye explores the boundaries between the body and dust, in a series of delicate graphite drawings that demonstrate that the human body is still a central point of reference in landscape architecture; that the tactility and the sensual are important considerations. Selected Shorts, a new juried section on visual methods, offers three different interpretations of “field.”


Book reviews provide incisive commentary on a series of books that each show how design addresses change, whether it is through defining new aesthetic for landscape architecture and its realignment with a conception of nature as in a state of continuous flux in the works of Diane Balmori. Or, through reusing and reconfiguring infrastructure in response to changing economic conditions and social and cultural needs as seen in Ellen Braae’s reading of recent European post-industrial projects.



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Online PhD Colloquium Sustainable Food Planning

AESOP Sustainable Food Planning, in collaboration with the LE:NOTRE Institute, is happy to invite you to a free Webinar dedicated to PhD students and Young Professionals.

Our main goal is to improve the networking of PhD students on sustainable food planning topics. Further, we aim to identify topics that are of interest for you and hope that also some knowledge exchange can be facilitated.

Our first online meeting will be on Wednesday, 19th of October, from 15 00 - 16 00 CET.

For more information visit http://ln-institute.org/public_lni/calendar_show_details.php?event_id=1213

LE:NOTRE Student Competition: 'All inclusive'

The LE:NOTRE Institute is glad to announce its third international student competition. The competition is organised in close relation to the Landscape Forum 2017 and will work with the same territorial context.

The task is to develop an inclusive landscape development concept for a transsect stretching over 25 km from Dachau to Munich Airport. Students will work at various scales, ideally in interdisciplinary teams. The entire transsect will be represented by a conceptual plan at scale 1:25 000. The concept will be complemented by a translation of the overall vision to a site. One out of four proposed detailing areas can be selected with working scales from 1:5000 – 1:500.

Submission deadline: February 26, 2017 (23:59 CET)

For more information visit http://forum.ln-institute.org/student-competition-llf-2017/

LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum 2017

The 6th LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum Inclusive Landscapes will take place from 16th-20th May 2017 in Freising-Weihenstephan, Germany and is hosted by the Department of Landscape Architecture of Hochschule Weihenstephan Triesdorf and the Chair for Strategic Planning and Management of Technische Universität München

For more information visit http://forum.ln-institute.org/


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