The newest issue of the Journal of Landscape Architecture demonstrates the diversity and rigor of the discipline.


In this issue, Elissa Rosenberg demonstrates the key role of landscape in the emergence of comprehensive planning principles in her thoughtful examination of the Baltimore stream valley parks and their relationship to William Gilpin’s notion of walking.  Researchers in Belgium explore the implications of climate change in the highly urbanized region of Campine through both research and design propositions to address drought. And, the collaboration of landscape architect Bas Smets with French artist Phillippe Parreno is the basis of an exploration of the relation between landscape and cinema.


In Under the Sky, the section on scholarly critique, Saskia de Wit juxtaposes the experience of the French motorway with the intense sensory landscape of Garden of Birds, designed by Bernard Lassus in 1998.


Thinking Eye explores the boundaries between the body and dust, in a series of delicate graphite drawings that demonstrate that the human body is still a central point of reference in landscape architecture; that the tactility and the sensual are important considerations. Selected Shorts, a new juried section on visual methods, offers three different interpretations of “field.”


Book reviews provide incisive commentary on a series of books that each show how design addresses change, whether it is through defining new aesthetic for landscape architecture and its realignment with a conception of nature as in a state of continuous flux in the works of Diane Balmori. Or, through reusing and reconfiguring infrastructure in response to changing economic conditions and social and cultural needs as seen in Ellen Braae’s reading of recent European post-industrial projects.



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Online PhD Colloquium Sustainable Food Planning

AESOP Sustainable Food Planning, in collaboration with the LE:NOTRE Institute, is happy to invite you to a free Webinar dedicated to PhD students and Young Professionals.

Our main goal is to improve the networking of PhD students on sustainable food planning topics. Further, we aim to identify topics that are of interest for you and hope that also some knowledge exchange can be facilitated.

Our first online meeting will be on Wednesday, 19th of October, from 15 00 - 16 00 CET.

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LE:NOTRE Student Competition: 'All inclusive'

The LE:NOTRE Institute is glad to announce its third international student competition. The competition is organised in close relation to the Landscape Forum 2017 and will work with the same territorial context.

The task is to develop an inclusive landscape development concept for a transsect stretching over 25 km from Dachau to Munich Airport. Students will work at various scales, ideally in interdisciplinary teams. The entire transsect will be represented by a conceptual plan at scale 1:25 000. The concept will be complemented by a translation of the overall vision to a site. One out of four proposed detailing areas can be selected with working scales from 1:5000 – 1:500.

Submission deadline: February 26, 2017 (23:59 CET)

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LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum 2017

The 6th LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum Inclusive Landscapes will take place from 16th-20th May 2017 in Freising-Weihenstephan, Germany and is hosted by the Department of Landscape Architecture of Hochschule Weihenstephan Triesdorf and the Chair for Strategic Planning and Management of Technische Universität München

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CELA 2017 Annual Conference  BRIDGING
Dates: Friday, May 26-Monday, May 29, 2017
Host Institutions: Tsinghua University, Beijing Forestry University, Peking University
Location: Beijing, China

We invite authors to submit research, scholarship and creative activity that highlight the conference theme of “Bridging” which emphasizes the exchange of ideas within landscape architecture, across disciplines and cultures, and the sharing of knowledge and experience. This is an opportunity for authors to be included in a special peer-reviewed conference theme publication, available at the time of the conference. All authors submitting to this track are expected to submit papers for review.

Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture (CELA) 2017 Annual Conference features thirteen tracks. There will be the twelve standard CELA tracks, and one conference theme track—Bridging Special Conference Theme Publication Track.

• All authors of abstracts accepted for presentation are invited to submit a full paper.
• All papers submitted will be compiled, without review, for electronic distribution to conference attendees.
• All papers submitted also will be reviewed for potential publication in the track in which they were submitted. The conference publications will be the conference theme publication, Bridging, published by the Host Institutions and Landscape Research Record 06 published by CELA.

• Call for Abstracts: September, 2016
• Abstracts Due: midnight (author’s time zone), Sunday, October 16, 2016
• Abstracts Decision: November 2017 (specific date TBA)
• Full Papers Due: End of January, 2017 (specific date TBA)

SUBMIT AN ABSTRACT (Open Conference link here)
SIGN UP AS A REVIEWER (Open Conference link here)

Reviewing CELA conference abstracts and full-paper manuscripts is one of the most important services CELA members can provide to the organization. The peer-review process supports the creation of new knowledge and provides a testament to the strength of our growing body of scholarly work. We hope you will join this effort.

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